A Step by Step Guide to Choose the Best Web Hosting Service

In the modern days of technological advancement and internet use, bringing business online has become a common practice. The main and basic thing you need to set up any website is the Webhosting package. If you look into the market, you may get a wide range of varieties and offers available at different web hosting providers. These web hosting services differ from each other for various reasons.

Without proper and detailed knowledge about the topic, you may invest in the wrong hosting, and the entire website can give you a poor result. So, be very conscious while buying web hosting and get the best value of it. In this article, we will help you understand how to choose the best web hosting service for your website.

The following tips of the expert professionals can give you a good idea about how to choose the web hosting depending on your requirements and budgets. So, have a look into the points before investing in a Webhosting service.

Things to keep in mind for choosing a correct web hosting

What will help you to choose the correct web hosting and get the best revenue in business? The answer is here in the following points.

Specify your hosting needs

Before selecting a hosting service provider, you need to make sure precisely what you need. The first and foremost thing that you need to consider is the goal and mission of your website. If you are thinking of a commercial website then you should always be specific about the further use of the website. And determine the hosting accordingly what you want to link, whether you want to upgrade and software or not, whether you need a simple webpage or not. Besides, you should also think of the further maintenance of the website. The expected traffic load of the website is also important to plan. All these factors are important to determine before buying web hosting.

The purpose of the website

The hosting of the website should be specifically apt for your purpose. The features, interfaces and the plans of the website hosting depend on such factor. The website for eCommerce should have some specific features that depend on the Webhosting largely.

The e-commerce site should have certain features to sell products and taking the order as well as payment. Creating the site is not complex but specifying the features is essential. The eCommerce sites should have multiple secure payment options, archives and more. So, you should check the hosting accordingly.

Email is another important part of online business. So, if you are investing in shared hosting, then make sure you can access and control the email. Along with the control of the email, you should also make it sure that you can upgrade the employee details according to the growth of the employees.

Control panels

The web hosting service providers offer different software platforms to set administrative areas or backend. The clients can manage and set up their own features as per their needs and requirements. The clients can set the user-friendly features to make their users happy. Using and managing emails and other features is easy and as per the requirements of the clients through the control panel software.

The best web hosting service for you

The next step you need to decide is the hosting plan. The Webhosting service providers offer different plans to the clients at a different price range, and you need to choose the best from the lot in that case. The share and private hosting plans are available at different rates with several technical bases and scale of infrastructure. The details of the web hosting plan should be clear and beneficial to you. Before picking one from the plans, check the differences between the private hosting and shared hosting plans.

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Private hosting

Private hosting is for the users who want not to get any interruption in web traffic at their site from any other website under the same hosting. The use of private hosting can give you a better result in experiencing the consistent and predictable performance. But these hosting are available at a higher price range than the shared hosting.

Shared hosting

The shared hosting is available at a cheaper rate and if you are ready to share your server with the other websites. The shared hosting is the right choice for users who want to start up with low budget investment. There are several benefits of using shared hosting, including an easily manageable interface of the site. The best part of shared hosting is that you can easily take your website to the next level of updates when the business needs and traffic volume increases. Different plans at several rates are also available for that.

Check the right script language.

The script language of the site should be right to attract the particular target audiences at your web site. The scripting language depends on the OS or the server of the Webhosting service providers. There are different scripting languages available, and you should select the right one to get the best output. 

These are the basic things that one should never skip to find out the ideal web hosting service provider. Even if you are not a professional website designer or developer and if you don’t have the right knowledge about the Webhosting, then taking the help of the professionals and following their guidelines is important. Apart from these basic things, you need to keep some other points in your mind to get a perfect website as per your purposes as well.

Apart from these, there are many more points that you need to keep in mind to get the best web hosting service provider as per your need. But before going into them you need to know what Webhosting is and how it helps your business to grow.

Webhosting in brief

To buy a Webhosting service, you need not be very technology-friendly, but it is important to know why you need it. In simple words, if you want to run your commercial site perfectly with all the contents, logo, and other things, then having a good Webhosting is very important. The main purpose of Webhosting is to manage the backend links and keeping the presentation of the site attractive and perfect. The server of Webhosting keeps the contents, images, and logo of the website in-store and presents to the viewer whoever enters into the site by loading the page. So, it is very important to find the best Webhosting service from the provider to run your online website perfectly.

There are different types of Webhosting services available in modern providers, and you need to be conscious of those services to pick the best.

Free Webhosting

The startup business persons may get their interest in free Webhosting services that are available at different providers. But before hiring the service, it is important to know about it in detail. The free Webhosting services include advertisements on your website and make money from it. The visitors of your sites may divert to another new site from yours. So, when you are taking the service and building up your website on it, check whether your effort becomes fruitful.

The free Webhosting service providers allow the users to upload images and content up to a certain limit. In this case, you cannot upload anything and everything you want. So, check the details before availing of the Webhosting and cutting your cost. You need to keep in mind that your entire site is going to be dependent on Webhosting. So, be very conscious and selective.

Choosing free Webhosting is not always annoying, but there are certain risks that you should keep in mind while saving your cost. If you feel these free services will not be very fruitful for you, opt for the commercial Webhosting plans that give you plenty of options to run your website as you want.

Commercial Webhosting

If you want to keep your visitor on your website and not to distract with advertisements or redirected to other websites, then opting for the commercial Webhosting is the best choice for you. The particular Webhosting helps the clients to get much more space than the free Webhosting server. You can design your site in a better way and make it attractive to your target audiences. Another plus point of selecting commercial Webhosting is that you will get a good variety of plans with several facilities to choose from.

Template-based web building

The template-based Webhosting services are available at different price ranges with different facilities now. You can choose any from these according to your budget and preferences. The subscription packages of different plans can help you to get the best and cost-effective features to design and develop your site as you want. Depending on the space of the web hosting server, you can set the contents and images on your website. So, the subscription package also varies depending on these points.

Things you should never skip while choosing a Webhosting

The main things that you should always check before investing in Webhosting

When you are going to buy a Webhosting, you need to verify a few points to don’t get a problem in the later period while designing or handling the website. The major part of the site depends on its different features, as mentioned below.


One of the most important parts is the availability of monthly bandwidth in the Webhosting package. When you are investing in a particular subscription of the Webhosting package, you will get to see how much bandwidth is there for the user in a month. It is similar to your broadband internet connection. You should check this point without any fail, even if you see the advertisement of unlimited bandwidth from the Webhosting service provider.


This is another important thing which we have mentioned already. The space of the Webhosting should be enough to support the content and traffic of your website. If your site is going to have huge traffic and heavy content, then you need to have greater space in the Webhosting server. On the other hand, if you are going to create a simple website with a light database, then you can opt for the moderate or minimum space of the Webhosting. It should run without any interruption in that case.

Apart from it, you will also get specific windows or Linux based hosting, and the accessibility of the site and up-gradation of the site depends on it.


The reliability of the Webhosting matters a lot. If you are going to handle the economic transaction and receiving payments through the site from the consumers, then you should always search for a Webhosting server that is secure and reliable. The security level of the site is high in the commercial Webhosting packages. The shared Webhosting servers may be problematic to handle for the heavy site developers. It is always better to check the reliability of the service provider and the developer before investing in the hosting.


The speed of the website depends on the space and the plan of the Webhosting service provider. If you have a shared server, there are some other Webhosting as well. And these sites can influence the speed of your website. So, it is important to check how much space and speed the Webhosting service providers are offering in a package.

Control and managing

For the basic or mid-level website, the developer may choose the managed Webhosting option. In this case, the main things are controlled and managed by the Webhosting service providers. The developer can complete their work by adding a few changes like any exclusive application. The unmanaged Webhosting is also available, and you need to design and control the website as your ant through this service. But you need to make sure before investing whether you or the developer will be able to control and manage everything to keep the presentation attractive and user friendly. If you get that confidence and have a wish to design your site in your own way, then opting for it is good for you. This takes a longer time to develop a site as well.


The security of the website is very important to restrict all types of hacking. In this case, you should make sure that the Webhosting server is completely secure or not. The control of the site should be encrypted between the server and the client. If you are developing a commercial website, then you need to be more conscious about maintaining the credit details and the privacy of the site. The Webhosting servers that are SSL certified can secure transactions of the consumers at your site and give greater security to your business.

Maintenance and signing up

Before picking up one Webhosting service, you need to check the signing up process and price in detail. It is always important to find whether the Webhosting service is fulfilling all of your requirements or not. You should also check the piece of the Webhosting server and the other pricing details of the similar packages from the other service providers. The cost of the Webhosting service depends on the chosen features, type of hosting, and more. But only buying a Webhosting server is not enough to fix your investment. You should also keep an eye on the maintenance, renewal, and other yearly investments.

The shared hosting is available at the lowest price, but your need to make sure that it can fulfill all the website developing criteria as per your requirements. The renewal cost of the Webhosting service differs from one to another type. So, just like checking the signing up cost, you should also check the renewal process and its cost at the particular Webhosting service provider.

Trial or Refund policies

When it comes to the point of investing in a website, it becomes very important to check all the aspects beforehand. There are many Webhosting service providers available with their trial packages. Taking the trial Webhosting service helps you to understand whether the website is perfect to attract your target audiences or not. Using the space of the server, its features, loading speed, and other factors can give you a firsthand experience through a trial package of the Webhosting service provider. The service provider will offer you to use their service for a specific period free of cost and check whether it meets all your expectation or not. If it suits your site, then only you can go for further payment process and get their service for an extended period.

Some of the Webhosting service providers, on the other hand, provide their consumers with the refunding facility. But if you are going to take this risk, then dint forget to go through the terms and conditions in detail. You should make sure when you get the refund and what are the terms to get the money back if you don’t like the service. Some agencies don’t refund the entire amount, but they refund to their consumers partially. So, you should talk to the service provider in details before paying them.

Availability of one-click installer

The Webhosting service is available with different features, controls, and management systems. But checking the availability of the one-click installer is very important for the website developer. The Webhosting should support .htaccess File Access, different file types including FTP or SFTP, and more. The one-click installers like WordPress are always helpful for the beginners to control the design and publishing of the contents. Magneto is another such option for them. So, when you are going to buy the package for the Webhosting and server, you should check whether these are included in the package or not.

All these points should be there in your consideration to get the best Webhosting. You can use the Webhosting comparison tool to let you understand what the best is for you.

Technical specifications for buying Webhosting

If you need to have a detail note of the technical specification for buying Webhosting, then this part is for you. Here you will get to know about all the technical aspects that you should consider, getting the hassle-free, fast and useful Webhosting as per your requirements. Go through the following points before taking a final decision.

Disk space

This is one of the most important things that you need to consider while buying the Webhosting service. You need to keep in mind that space is not only occupied by the files that you are uploading on the site, but the temporary files also take place on the disk. The spam mails take place in the disk, and the scripts create the temporary files that occupy the disk space. So, you need to be careful while taking the Webhosting service and don’t forget to ask whether the available disk space will be enough to hold your data related to the website or not. To know the available space, you need to go through the terms and conditions of the Webhosting service provider. Some Webhosting service providers maintain the terms and conditions like if you exceed the specific space and upload more than that, then the host ceases the files of backup without warning you.

Traffic size per month

The available traffic size per month is another essential thing to remember while keeping buying the Webhosting as per your requirement. The traffic of the website increases along with the popularity, and you should keep the space ready for it. You will get the monthly packages at the Webhosting service providers, and you should make sure that you can upgrade it.

The domain numbers

If you are planning to develop more than one website under the same Webhosting service, then you need to check it whether it provides additional domain or not. You need to keep in mind that you may have to control a few sub-domains. The Webhosting services should offer your few sub-domains where you can put the sections of website like about page, blogs and more in different languages. So, the details of the domain number, including the sub-domain and additional domain clear to you. Otherwise, you may not get a satisfactory result in designing and string the site.

Details of the database support

The database system differs as per the content management system. You need to check you are working on which content management system to publish your contents and depending on that you need to choose the database. There are different types of content management systems available such as Joomla or Drupal. When it comes to the point of managing your blogs, you can use WordPress or other ones. You can choose any from the available forums including Invision Power Board, punBB, vBulletin, phpBB, SMF or YaBB and more. You can choose any from these, and your Webhosting service should support the system depending on the particular database. So, this is one of the most interesting tips that you need to keep in mind while buying the package of the Webhosting.

PHP / Perl / Python Support

These supports are mainly required to support the scripts of the website. There are different versions and compositions of these support systems are available at the Webhosting service providers. But you should look for that which suits to your content management system of the website. You need to be conscious and determine these factors with the open eyes. The user of the Webhosting service cannot change it in the later stage so, it is very important to choose the right software as per your requirements and content management system.

Email service

This is another important factor that plays a major role in running a website successfully. You, as the user of a particular Webhosting service user, need to get the service with the perfect number of mailboxes and other facilities. The control of the email should be under you if you want to build up to it as an ecommerce website. Moreover, the autoresponders and mail forwarders should be taken under consideration while choosing the best service from the Webhosting provider. The website email service helps you to send and receive mails through the website browser of your website.

Protection from spam

If you want to save your website email from the junk mails, then you need to install the antispam software. You can reset it is setting and filtering options from the control panel in an easy manner. The customization option of the antispam software can keep your website email account safe and clean from the junk files.

Anti-hotlinking support

 Who does not want to save their website content from stealing? The installation of the anti-hotlinking software can help you to protect the images. It restricts the other ones to download the same image from your site and use it on their own website. This can keep the original link of the image hidden. But if you don’t install it, then other visitors get the full link of the image and download the images to use it wherever they want. So, protecting your website contents like images is important for you and anti-hotlinking can give you a good result in this case.

Analysis of statistic

This is statistic analytical software that can help you to understand the log files at the webserver and plays a major role in creating the reader-friendly HTML files. This helps to understand and analyze the visits to your website as well. You can keep track of the visits and the changes at this website with the time through this statistic analytical software. Not only this, but you can also check the geographical location of the visitor who enters into your site, how much time he or she spends at your website and whether the user enters into your site through the search engine optimizing tool or not.

Analyzing all these factors is important, and you need to be very careful about it. This study can help you to get the best result in understanding the traffic on your website and growth. Webalizer and AWStats are two of the most popular programs that can help you to complete these tasks without any hassle.

FTP access

If you need a way to download or copy a large size file from the host, then you can use this access and get a reliable result. You can download the file through FTP format without any hassle. This file transferring process is helpful and popular at the same time.

Design error page

You can check whether you can design your custom error page along with some important information about your website or not. If you get this access at your Webhosting service provider, then you can add the website homepage or other info about your website to the error page. This can help you to divert your visitor to your site or keep them entertained when they are not getting a connection of their search. This is a good trick to keep your visitor staying at your site.

Server Side Includes

This is a web server module that you need to use to compose the .shtml page for the website. The SSI can help you to design it in an exclusive and dynamic manner. Moreover, this tool has good use in case of managing the CGI scripts as well. It is important for logical operators. Though the tool has limited functionality for the user, you need to make sure you can access your website. The speed of SSI is high, and it can give you good result as per your need as well.

Control panel

The main task of the Control panel is to allow the user in controlling different settings and making it user-friendly. You can control many features like removing the domains, performance of the file operation, FTP managements and email users. You can also control the database and manage it as per your website requirements. This plays an important role to manage and follow the traffic of your website as well. Linux hosting is one of the most popular Webhosting control panels, but you will also get some other options available in the modern competitive market as well.

Additional scripting

Additional scripting applications are a useful part of automating the content management system. The user can use this application to design the counters, polls, chats and message boards to keep the target audiences engaged to the site. But before planning to design the website in such manner and adding these scripting, you need to know the package of the Webhosting service provider. These applications can make remarkable differences in the package. So, you need to check whether you can afford it or not and whether your Webhosting package includes these services or not.

The Webhosting service providers show an attractive price package to the buyers, but that may be excluding some hidden costs. So, when you are going to buy a Webhosting service, don’t think that the monthly packages are all that you are seeing. The website may have some other costs, additionally with the basic package cost. So, asking the following questions to the Webhosting service provider before finalizing the package is important, and these points are given below.

For how many months you can pay upfront?

If you are planning to purchase the Webhosting service for one month, then it may be costly for you in the latter days. On the other hand, you can save money by purchasing the Webhosting packages for a maximum of three years at a time. It can help you to save the money in the later months. You can check the offers of the other Webhosting service providers for a maximum period before finalizing a package.

Price for installation

Apart from purchasing the Webhosting, you need to keep in mind that you have to install it as well. In this case, make sure how much you need to pay for installation. Generally, if you buy the Webhosting service for a long period at a time, then the service provider may include the installation charge within your package and keep it free, but if you are going to buy it only for one or two months, then you may need to pay it separately. So, it is beneficial to buy the service for a longer period in which you don’t need to pay for the installation fee separately.

What to buy more

The Webhosting package offers the buyers different prices for several things like for disk space, scripts and more. You may realize that you need more disk space to develop the site in a proper way and to support the traffic. In that case, you may need to change the package or pay more to get it.

What if you use more than the package

If you use the resources more than you had in the package, then you may face different circumstances. You need to be very conscious about that use while buying the package. The Webhosting service providers may respond to your overuses of the resources in different ways, and you need to be conscious about it beforehand. So, don’t forget to go through the terms of the package and make sure that what you need to face. There are few Webhosting services providing agencies that can deactivate your website and ask you to go for a larger plan or cut off the uses. Some Webhosting companies may nit deactivate your site but can charge you more in the upcoming fee for using larger resources and send you an alert through email. Very few Webhosting providers can completely deactivate or delete your website for overusing data.

Any bonus

Sometimes, you may get some bonus alert from the Webhosting service providers. You can go through the detail to know by when you need to complete the purchasing the process to get the bonus and save money. It can be during a couple of months when you get the chance of buying the Webhosting service at a cheaper rate with bonus than the other period of time.

Is there a money-back offer?

Some Webhosting plans come up with money-back policies. In that case, you need to know through what you need to pay to avail of the offer. There are many types of money-back offers available to purchase a suitable Webhosting service. Webhosting service providers may ask you to buy the package for a minimum of one year at a time to get money back while other agencies may offer you cashback if you purchase it through Paypal. So, it completely depends on the agency from which you are purchasing the Webhosting service. But knowing it beforehand is always helpful for you.

These points can help you to cut off the cost of your Webhosting service purchasing without any doubt.

Technical support quality of the Webhosting service provider

The technical support of the Webhosting service provider should be very good in quality and responsive. You should easily reach them to get their response whenever you need any technical support. The following pointers will help you to understand this point in an elaborated way. Besides, the genuine technical parts and features of the web hosting service, you need a perfect supporting team to solve your issues whenever you face it.

Check the working schedule of the company.

The Webhosting service provider should be available with a technical team that has a proper working schedule when you can reach them. You should make sure that you can get their help. Some Webhosting company claims that they provide 24×7 technical support, but you should verify it before believing. There may sometimes be when you can’t get a quick technical solution in need. So, go through the reviews of the consumers and make sure that the Webhosting service provider has all-time technical support for the consumers.

Check the behavior and response

You should also check how the technical persons interact with the consumers. If they don’t understand your problem or urgency, then you may not get a satisfactory result from them. So, it is very important to get in touch with the technical Webhosting team members who are polite and patient. Otherwise, you may end up with an increasing problem and the worst mood. Again, the Webhosting reviews can help you to get the best result in this case.

Communication channel

You need to confirm how and when you can communicate with the technical support team and get their service. Check the reviews about the web hosting service providers and make sure you will get a prompt response from the team whenever you get any technical trouble. Some web hosting service providers arrange the video call with the clients and elaborate the solution as per the need of the clients. Sometimes, you may get the solution over a telephonic call.

Expert qualifications and experience

The webhosting technical support team should have the certified qualification and a good experience to solve the issues received from the clients. The technical team should have the training on how to deal with the clients, understand their problems and communicate with them to fix the problem as soon as possible. The technical person of the webhosting service providing company should know that the clients may not have good knowledge about the webhosting but they need to get the issues solved with the help of the professionals. Only rich in technical knowledge of the supporting team is not enough. Rather, the team should be expert to make people understand how to make people understand the problems and help them in solving it.

If you don’t check these problems beforehand then you may not get a fluent service from the company. Moreover, if you face any trouble with your website and don’t get a prompt solution, you can end up with bad experience in running your site perfectly. So, be very conscious and check all of these points to get the best webhosting service provider around you.

Know more about the best Web hosting service

Going through the official information of a Webhosting company is not enough to rely on the service of any Webhosting agency. Every Webhosting company promotes its service and attracts the clients by promising to serve the best. But you may not get the best result as you want from all of these. In these cases, you need to collect information about the Webhosting service provider from different sources carefully. Investing in a Webhosting service without analyzing its different factors and comparing it with other Webhosting services can be a great risk for you.

Now the question comes from where and how to collect the information about the Webhosting agency. The following information can help you to understand this fact in detail.

Check the reviews

The reviews from the clients about the Webhosting service providers are generally available at their official sites. You should go through the details of their reviews, ask questions and complaints. These can help you to get the best idea about the service provider and their reputation from the existing clients.

Apart from it, you will also get some websites where you will get to know about the topmost websites and their reputations. The detailed reviews about the various Webhosting sites can help you to understand and compare the services in a better manner.

Firsthand experience

This is another important thing that can help you to understand the facility and service of the Webhosting providers. You need to have a close look at the policies and service quality when you avail of the trial period from a particular company. If you find it helpful and satisfactory to run your website, then you can go for further packages of the service. It can give you a previous hint about the Webhosting service. Process of how to buy the best Webhosting

The next thing you need to check is the process of buying the Webhosting service. If you get an idea about the buying process of the Webhosting service, then it will be easier for you to understand the entire thing. The beginners should have a detailed idea about buying Webhosting to avoid mistakes and wrong investments. The following instruction will help you to understand the process elaborately.

Though you will get different processes in several Webhosting service providers, the basic rules are almost the same. You need to check some major points in mind while going through the process of buying the Webhosting and the server space.

The points given below can help you to get an idea in brief:

1. Domain name: The first thing you need to do is create or choose a perfect domain name for your website. The domain name should be appropriate to your service or products. This is the first impression that your audiences will get to see. The brand name or the site name should be easy to remember and attractive to the target audience. The name should also be available on the server and not used on any other website.

If you already have a domain, then you can use the domain name in that space of the website. Different domain names are available at different prices, and you can choose any from the options as per your requirements.

2. Email address: once you create the domain name, you can check the availability of the company email address. Now you should go through the verification process for the company email address. To complete this process, you need to put various personal details like your phone number, country name, address, business name, and more. These details should be verified by the company to give you accessibility.

Pay for the right hosting package

If you have already chosen the right package from the Webhosting service provider, then you need to complete the process of buying it. The payment process should be completed very securely after going through the terms and conditions in detail of the package. You should check what there in the package, like whether the package includes the SSL fees, domain fees, or not. If your site doesn’t need the backup links and the SSL, then you can ignore the fees and cut off the overcharge.

Final of the process

This is the last step you need to take to complete the process of buying Webhosting. You need to create your password to restrict the entrance of other persons into your website. The password creator generates an automatic password in a complex form.

In the end, you will get a confirmation mail from the Webhosting service provider, and then you can enter into the official site by using the generated user id and password. You can start the website designing after installing WordPress in an easy manner.

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